mpRemocon - iTunes Remocon for Android - (en)

mpRemocon is i-Tunes remote control application on your PC.

New feature addition!
You can change a theme.

I began distribution of the prototype of server application for Mac. New!!
Here → Download(Japanese)

/// Screen Shot ///
 ◇Main view (Portrait and Landscape)

 ◇Playlist and List of music

/// Download ///
Client app. :
  Android Market
  Android Market(Free)

Server app. :
  Version 1.12.810 (2011/4/15) New!!
  Version 1.11.806 (2011/4/10)
  Version 1.10.794 (2011/4/1)
  Version 1.9.761 (2011/2/24)
  Version 1.8.750 (2011/2/24)

Server app for Mac :

/// System Requirements ///
Client app. : Android OS 1.6 (API level 4) or later
Server app. : .NET Framework 3.5 or later
Common : WiFi(Wireless LAN)

/// Installation ///

/// Localization ///

/// Main Features ///
 ◇Current music info
  ・Track name
  ・Playlist name
  ・PlayerPosition(remain/now/total time)
  ・Album artwork
 ◇Current playlist view
  ・Playing track is Playing track is pointed.
  ・Play / Pause / Stop
  ・Next / Prev
  ・Shuffle (On/Off)
  ・Repeat (1 music / All / Off)
  ・Volume adjust (Hard key control.)
  ・Mute (On/Off)
  ・The list of the playlist.
  ・The list of the category every playlist.
  ・A list of the music every category.
  ・You copy a music file.
  ・You copy viewing music files.
  ・You transport music add playlist in your phone. New!!
  ・It synchronize with a playlist of iTunes with the playlist of your phone. New!!
  ・Shut down of your PC.
  ・A sleep timer function.
  ・Autoupdate and Interval.
  ・The basic time for sleep timer.
  ・Theme selector.
  ・Album artwork position & size;
  ・The IP address of the server.
  ・The Port no of the server.

/// Server Features ///
 ・Port no
 ・Is accept shutdown command.

/// Immunity from responsibility ///
 The author cannot take responsibility in all problems that occurred with mpRemocon.
 I check the operation of the limit that it can have, but it is not a thing guaranteeing movement in all environment.
 I hear opinion demands, but may not answer things about specifications all.
 I cannot answer an inquiry depending on environment of the user.

/// Special Thanks ///
 @mrshiromi : She taught me how to make icons.
 Android Nagoya Tsu-bu

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