iSdBackup for Galaxy S (Backup from internal storage to microSD)

Purchase SAMSUNG Galaxy S the other day.

A model of 16GByte and 8GByte has this terminal originally built-in storage.
And I can use microSD as an outside storage.

By the way, where will it be mounted?

Built-in (16 or 8): /sdcard
The outside(microSD) : /sdcard/sd

We see it as two drives when I mount it behind a PC.

Then we think that you use "getExternalStorageDirectory" when you usually acquire passes of SD in application, but which may acquire?
Of course

Built-in (16 or 8): /sdcard

In other words most application in the world uses getExternalStorageDirectory; and a pass of microSD because "acquire it, an intention saving is had internal /sdcard by microSD".

Actually, I am not troubled because I am seen as a drive if there is margin for size and mounts it behind a PC.

After all saved it in the media which worked of the disassembly, and got up; it is a human feeling that say, and think.
(By the way, the normal camera application can change the internal organs and the outside by setting.)

Therefore I made a tool to back up easily. (It enters time)

A download
 Android Market

A function
 * We copy a built-in storage (16or8GByte) to a microSD card
 * We can set whether we exclude an image / music / movie / a hidden file with a file to copy

The mount situation of the storage is a street of the lower image.
I prick the outside slot of the 8GByte model with microSD of 1GByte.