Calls method at apklistupper by the intent

It was able to point out a function you called ApkListUpper by an intent, and to carry out automatically.

/// Detailed information ///
 ACTION: jp.xii.relog.apklistupper.ACTION_AUTO_START
Parameter 1
 Model: boolean
 Explanation: The flag which you carry out automatically
Parameter 2
 Model: boolean
 explanation: The flag which I force you in defiance of overwrite confirmation before the practice and carry out
Return value
 ResultCode: When the output succeeded, it return "RESULT_OK".
         When it came back with returning buttons, a different value returns.

/// Sample ///
	public static final String STR_AUTO_START_FLAG = "AUTO_START_FLAG";
	public static final String STR_FORCE_FLAG = "FORCE_FLAG";
	public void start(){
		Intent intent_service = new Intent();
		intent_service.putExtra(STR_AUTO_START_FLAG, true);	
		intent_service.putExtra(STR_FORCE_FLAG, true);		
		startActivityForResult(intent_service, 10);